Luludew Fitted Diapers


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The Luludew Fitted is an ultra soft, and super absorbent diaper offering you a quick diaper change. Featuring all-over absorbency, and an eight layer absorbent core, this cotton fitted diaper is a must-have for nights and naps. But don’t let the absorbency scare you, you can use fitted diapers day or night. This fitted diaper features sewn-in absorbency. That means it’s diapering is a simple two step process: snap on the fitted diaper, and then your favorite waterproof cloth diaper cover.

The Luludew Fitted diaper is a sized diaper that gives you the trimmest fit for your baby. Each sized fitted diaper has one set of rise settings to adjust as the baby grows. Size up if you are between sizes for longer fit and function. Pair with the Luludew Convertible Cover, or your favourite cover.


  • Available in three sizes: Size 1 (newborn – 14lbs), Size 2 (12lbs – 22lbs), Size 3 (15-33lbs).
  • Made of cotton-velour for an ultra-soft, super absorbent diaper.
  • Inner core of this Fitted diaper provides 8 layers of cotton absorbency sewn into the wet-zone of the diaper.
  • Snap down rise settings adjusted to the perfect fit for every body.
  • Serged edging provides a simple low-profile finish.
  • Single waist snap for quick diaper changes, with a single cross over snap.
  • Pairs with the Luludew Convertible Cover, or your favorite cover.



  • 100% cotton velour
  • Size 1: newborn-14lbs.
  • Size 2: 12lbs.-22lbs.
  • Size 3: 15lbs-33lbs.



You will need a waterproof cover with this diaper. The Luludew Fitted diaper is an absorbent core for catching pee and poop. If you need additional absorbency, pair with a prefold or insert for a boost.

  1. Place the Fitted Diaper under the baby’s bottom, by passing through the legs and fastening the back snaps to the front.
  2. Put on the cloth diaper cover. This fit should be like a gentle hug not tight on baby’s skin or the diaper.

Fitted diapers are used once until soiled. They are then placed with other dirty diapers until wash day. Cloth diaper covers can be reused. You can purchase multiple fitted diapers for every cover.