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Although unlikely, I understand that Pannolino Diaper Service, aka OC Diaper Service or Pannolino USA known from here on out as Pannolino, is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any reaction my child might have to product supplied by or product sold to me by them

I understand that Pannolino will make every effort to help resolve any issues that might come up, but cannot be held responsible or liable for their assistance.

I also understand that if I default on payment or lose or damage any items belonging to the company my card will be charged for any fee’s pertaining to these situations.

​I understand that after the first missed pick up of diapers, fee’s will apply if diapers are not left out for pick up.

I understand that I must give a two week cancellation notice.

I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and voice any possible concerns. I fully understand the Terms and Conditions provided by Pannolino and do not feel pressured to purchase more than I would like to, nor do I feel pressured or obligated to sign up to use the cloth diaper service provided by Pannolino. I understand that I must call as soon as I start using the diapers to initiate the first pick-up for the following week.


All requested information is required. Upon approval, we will automatically bill your credit card for the amount of your monthly service choice and your total charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement or banking statement if you use a debit card.

You may cancel this automatic billing authorization and pay by check or cash at any time by contacting us at least one week prior to the last Monday of the month.

*Billing will only occur when service is active and service has been started. We do not automatically bill each month if diaper service is not yet in use.

Pannolino accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

I authorize Pannolino to automatically bill the card which I have listed below or purchased with on-line monthly for the amount of my monthly diaper service.

Starting Service

To start service, there is a 4-week initial minimum plus a one-time set-up fee required for all new customers. This payment is due prior to the first delivery. The first 4-weeks of service and set-up fee are both non-refundable. Pannolino Diaper Service (further referred to as Pannolino) requires credit card information to be provided for all accounts in the instance that our products become damaged, lost, or stolen while in your possession.

Any unpaid service weeks or damaged, lost or stolen items will be charged to your card if we have not collected the final balance within 2 weeks of termination of service.


Pannolino is open Monday thru Friday. Changes to service must be requested by phone or email by 10 am Fridays to have a change enacted for the following week. Emails and calls placed on the weekend will not be heard/seen until the next business day and therefore changes will have to wait 1 week. All changes are subject to the availability of inventory so changes could take up to two weeks.

Account Status And Payment Terms

Diapers can be dropped off 7 to 12 days prior to the baby’s arrival or after the baby arrives whichever the client prefers.  When diapers are dropped off prior to the birth the client holds the diapers and when the baby arrives the client starts using the diaper and contacts Pannolino to initiate the start of the service.  

Once service is initiating monthly billing starts 4 weeks later. 

Payment is due by the due date each month thereafter as long as service is active. If your card is declined and we reach out to get a new card on file but payment is not received in full within 10 days, a late fee of $10.00 is applied.

If payment has not been received within 20 days after the due date a $20 late fee is applied. 

If payment is 30 days late, service will terminate until the full payment plus late fees have been received. A late fee of $25 will be assessed.

There is a $35.00 returned check fee for all returned checks or returned on-line payments.

There are longer prepay terms available at discounted rates.

*We have two area’s in San Diego that have weekly surcharges due to distance. Homes located South of the 94 but North of the 54 will receive a surcharge and homes located South of the 54 will receive a larger surcharge. One Area in Orange County has a surcharge- at the 73 and east. 

Termination of Service and Refunds

Customers may cancel at any time after the initial 4-week contract with a 14 day notice.

There are no refunds of any type of the 1st 4 weeks of service and packages or set-up fee’s.
At least a 14-day written cancellation by email notice is required for termination of service. No cash refunds will be provided on services already rendered or weeks still on the books.

Customers may freeze their weeks and activate them again within 1 year time of freezing. Customers who cancel after the weekly delivery will be charged for that week plus 2 cancellation weeks if they weren’t prepaid.

Upon termination of service, customers have 1 week to arrange the return of all rented diapers and pail liner(s). This last week if not prepaid, will be charged to the customer. Failure to do so will result in replacement charges for all missing items. The replacement charge for non returned diapers is $3.00 each prefold, $10 each fitted and $20 each All In One, $20.00 for pail liners, $7 for Covers, $2 for doublers and $1 for wipes.

After reasonable effort has been made to recover all rented diapers, other items and pail liner(s), the credit card provided at the beginning of service will be charged for the dollar amount of any non returned and/or damaged items.

Customers who cancel and have prepaid service extending past the First 4 week initial contract may gift their diaper service credit to a friend or family member or use 50% of the remaining balance after the two week cancellation period on any combination of any goods we have in inventory.

Special orders will not be placed for specific sizes or prints when registry credit is used.

For example if a customer pays for a month of service after the 1st 4 weeks initial service and then decides to cancel after one week of that next month, the customer must give a 2 weeks notice. After that two weeks notice, the remaining one week value can be used or gifted.

All diaper service products must be returned before credit is issued. Credit  for product is valid for 30 days after it is issued. Credit to gift weeks or use weeks again in the future is valid for 1 year.

Pannolino Diaper Service reserves the right to terminate this service agreement at any time.

Diaper Service Registry

All registries are “open registries” meaning the registry is open until the customer has decided to close the registry. Pannolino will not give full refunds or cash refunds for any unused dollar amounts remaining on a registry.

If diaper service is canceled and there is a dollar amount remaining on the customers registry account, the customer will receive registry credit valued at 50% of the remaining diaper service weeks amount (i.e. if there is $50.00 remaining on the registry, the registry credit will be valued at $25.00).

Customers will receive specific items that were purchased through the registry, but cannot receive a cash value for those items. The customer must call Pannolino Diaper Service to use their store credit.

The customer has 14 days after cancellation of service to claim the registry credit. Any registry credit not used within 14 days after cancellation of service will be forfeited.

Registry credit can only be used towards limited items. or use the remaining balance on any combination of the following goods: prefold cloth diapers, Bambo Nature disposable diapers, In stock diaper covers, wet bags and diaper balms. The selection available may vary based upon inventory in stock at that time. Special orders will not be placed for specific sizes or prints when registry credit is used.

All diaper service products used in service must be returned before credit is issued.
The customer may gift their registry credit to a friend or family member or keep for use for another child. They need to inform us within 14 days if they will be doing this and they have 1 year from that date for it to be activated.


Weekly Service Includes:

  • Pick Up Dirty Diapers
  • Drop Off Clean Diapers
  • Rental of Diapers and Pail liner Bag
  • Cleaning of Diapers and pail liner Bag

Typical number of diapers per week:

Newborn: 70-90, Infant 60-80, Toddler 20- 50. We do not offer discounts for low usage.

Customers will receive one week’s supply of service quality diapers, delivered in a waterproof pail liner on the first and second delivery. Fresh, clean cloth diapers will be delivered each week to REPLACE THE NUMBER OF SOILED diapers left for pick-up starting with the 3rd delivery.

Pannolino is open Monday thru Friday and changes to service must be made by phone or email by 10am Fridays to have a change enacted for the following week.

Emails and calls placed on the weekend will not be heard/seen until the next business day and therefore changes will have to wait 1 week.

We do not give discounts for low usage of diapers. If you do not use your weekly usage of diapers, we do not lower your weekly price. Diaper usage varies per baby.


This is how it works:

NB Diaper Service starts with 80/diapers per week which makes an order of 160 diapers in rotation. You place an order for NB Diaper service and we immediately set aside 2 weeks supply 80+80=160 NB diapers.

First Week: We deliver 80 diapers and have the other 80 still held for you 2nd delivery. 80+80=160

Second Week: Let’s say you have used 70 diapers. You have 10 clean diapers you keep, 70 dirty diapers you’re returning and we deliver 80 more clean. You now have 90 at your home (10 clean & 80 new delivery) & 70 being washed. 10+70+80=160

Third Weeks: Let’s say you have used 75 diapers. You have 15 clean at the home and we are bringing back the 70 we cleaned the week before. 15+75+70=160

This is how your rotation works, so remember…The diapers you have on hand, plus the soiled diapers you return, plus the clean diapers being delivered Will Always Equal twice the number of your weekly order, or your full rotation number.

As your child grows and is ready for a larger diaper, all current diapers must be returned in order to receive a full supply of the larger size. Typically as children grow they use less diapers.

A $3.00 per diaper charge will be added to your next invoice for any diapers not returned within 2 weeks of a diaper size change.

It is the customer’s responsibility for all Pannolino inventory that comes with weekly service. Regardless of how a diaper might be damaged, lost or stolen, the fee of $3.00 per diaper, $20 AIO, $10 fitted and $20 per pail liner is the customer’s responsibility to cover unless the theft/damage occurs while in the possession of Pannolino Diaper Service.

It is the customer’s responsibility to let Pannolino staff know when they are ready for a larger diaper size. If the customer needs more diapers per week it is also their responsibility to let the company know. The customer must notify Pannolino by Friday at 10AM of any changes needed to their next weekly delivery (i.e. change in diaper size or amount).

Please contact 657-210-1021 with any weekly changes to your account including but not limited to change in size, change in diaper amount, service additions or removal of items. If notice is not given by 10am on the preceding Friday, Pannolino does not guarantee changes will be made and no credit can be given to the customer if they choose not to use the diapers they receive that week.

For Vacations, notifications must arrive 2 weeks prior to the vacation to make sure the dates are properly scheduled.

Missed Pick Up

We completely understand being new parents can have its challenges as well as sleep deprivation and that sometimes you forget to put diapers out. Unfortunately too many missed pick-ups can cause a real challenge for our inventory as well as possibly ruining diapers. These two factors can cause our weekly service rates to go up. We want to keep service as affordable as possible, so we instead have enacted policies to help alleviate the issues associated with missed pick up.

Your first missed pick up each calendar year will be free. If you miss putting diapers out, we will leave diapers. However, if you miss two consecutive weeks and we haven’t received your dirties from those weeks, there will not be diapers left on the 2nd week’s delivery and a fee of $10 will be incurred. As well as possible additional fees for damaged diapers or re-wash.

If you forget to put your diapers out, we will knock on your door at 7am or later. Deliveries before 7am, we will not knock or call.

If you realize you forgot to put them out shortly after we have been there, please call or text the driver at 949-285-1823 immediately and see if you can get the diapers to the driver. If you can meet with the driver and bring the diapers, there will be no fee.

If you cannot meet with the driver, but it’s possible for the driver to return to your home either immediately or on the end of the route, there will be a $7 fee for the 2nd stop. We cannot guarantee that the driver will be able to do this. It depends on how far past the home he has moved on and the location of your home in the route.

If you forget to get the diapers out, can’t meet the driver, but can get the diapers to our home porch in Fountain Valley the same day, no fee will be charged.

If, however, you cannot bring them to us until later, there is a $8 fee as we will have to wash them separately from the loads.

If you have used your one time free missed pick up in the year and you keep diapers for a 2nd week and we pick up 2 bags the next week, there is a $10 fee.

These fees are not arbitrary. They are associated with our costs that are incurred by having to re-clean and sometimes rag out diapers that have sat too long soiled, or our costs in gas & time to return to your home or costs associated with running the diapers separately from our large loads.


If you are leaving on vacation, please contact us, at 657-210-1021 or at at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange a swap for disposable compostable diapers: BAMBO OR NEST DIAPERS.

We are happy to have customers take our diapers with them while they are traveling instead of a disposable swap.  Please let us know if you are planning to travel with our diapers and we can make arrangements to get extra diapers and bags out to you before you leave and discuss how to handle them.

In some longer vacation cases, we can suspend service while you are gone, you must notify Pannolino at least 2 weeks prior to your departure in order to receive credit for vacation weeks. 

At the time of vacation notice, we will make arrangements to pick up all dirty diapers before you leave so they do not sit while you are gone. The week we pick up is not a vacation hold week. Service is only suspended when we do not come out.


Proper Diaper Use

Pannolino’s rental diapers are to be used on baby’s bottom only. Customers using diapers for anything other than on a baby’s bottom (i.e. as cleaning rags or spit up rags) will be assessed a fee for any diaper that needs to be removed from service. Price per diaper if found damaged (other than normal wear and tear) is $3.00 each, $20 for AIO & $12 for fitted.

Please do not put disposable wipes in the dirty diapers. If disposable wipes are found in the wet bag you will be charged $5.00 per week they are found.

Certain medications or diaper creams can cause un-treatable stains that ruin rented diapers (I.e., Zinc Oxide found in products like Desitin, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste). Please notify us if your child’s doctor has prescribed any medications or diaper rash creams. Visit our website for recommended diaper creams.

Do not store soiled diapers in direct sunlight or in the heat (e.g., outside, in a garage during the summer). This will cause unpleasant things to grow and may damage the diapers. We suggest storing the diapers in a cool place.  With your weekly service you will be provided with a waterproof liner. Our pail liners fit perfectly in The Original Diaper Pail that we carry in our boutique. Our pail liners will also fit in standard tall kitchen pails with swivel lids. Please talk to our staff if you have any questions about pails.

There is no need to rinse soiled diapers. In fact, this can cause mold or mildew. Please plop solid bowel or shake off heavily soiled diapers when possible to help mitigate lingering odors and help prevent some staining from occurring on the diaper.

Please do not store diapers in plastic bags. This can cause mold and mildew. When setting your bag out for pick up, please try to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. We understand that because of how some houses and apartments are set up this isn’t always an option.


Pannolino makes every effort to conserve resources while also meeting customers’ needs. On your delivery day, please place your pail liner full of soiled diapers in an easily accessible place out of direct sunlight when possible.

Missed Deliveries: We understand that being a parent is busy work and things are sometimes forgotten. However, deliveries only occur in your town one day a week. It is imperative that you have your diapers out for pick-up when we arrive. We offer an email reminder for a fee to customers who wish to be reminded. This service is offered upon request only and there is a fee. Please tell us when you set up service if you would like an email reminder. We forgive the 1st missed delivery as an “Oops!” and you will receive your clean order. If the diapers are not left out a second week, we will not leave clean diapers and each missed delivery then will result in a $10.00 charge.

Delivery Times: 4am to 5pm on the day scheduled for your area.
Currently the areas are as follows: San Diego County & South OC – Mondays. Remaining OC and Long Beach, Bellflower and surrounding area’s – Tuesday’s.

The days of the routes are subject to change and we ask that you please be patient for any unexpected weather or traffic delays. Notices will be provided regarding changes in delivery schedule so that we get your diapers to you safely and on time.

Lost and Found

Please keep all personal items out of the pail liners. Pannolino Diaper Service is not responsible for any items inadvertently placed in the soiled diaper bag. Please call us to report any missing items. We will gladly return found items on your next scheduled delivery date if we are able to distinguish who they belong to.

Customer Satisfaction and Limitations

We strive to meet the satisfaction of all of our customers. We welcome all comments and questions and will attempt to remedy any situations brought to our attention. Pannolino reserves the right to determine refunds not explained in this agreement on a case-by-case basis.

All diapers are cleaned in an Eco friendly diaper only wash. Nothing but diapers and wipes are washed in the machines and the wash is specially formulated for diapers and the health of your baby. Pannolino  encourages open communication about your child’s health and skin and the use of cloth diapers. However, Pannolino can not be held liable for adverse reactions that may occur as a result of using our products or any discussions or ideas for diapering or products.