The Cleaner Soul All Floor Cleaner


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This floor cleaner can be used on every floor type imaginable. Formulated to be ph neutral so it’s safe for all floor types!

Not only will this make your floors shine as well as remove dirt and grime, but the fresh aromas of organic essential oils are what truly sets this product apart from others.

Zero harmful chemicals is what makes this product safe for dogs, babies, and everyone in between.

What’s inside that makes it so special? Orange oil. It contains a very powerful natural solvent called D-limonene.

Hydroxy-Beta-PropylCyclodextrin – This is the powerhouse deodorizer of the formula. dextrin is another term for a sugar molecule and cylco means circular. So this molecule is essentially a “Ring of Sugar”. This ring of sugar has the ability to trap odor causing molecules rendering them useless. Organic Grain Alcohol – This helps evaporate the solution so it does not sit on any surface for too long. Vegetable Glycerin – This helps to emulsify the eucalyptus oils with the water. Hydrogenated Castor Oil – This Helps to emulsify the eucalyptus oils with the water. Sodium Benzoate – Food grade preservative to extend the shelf life. Citric Acid – Adjusts pH to be acid which activates the preservative