Weekly Diaper Cover Full Service

$44.00 / month

Weekly Diaper Cover Rental & Laundry Service



Simply toss your soiled rental covers in the cover bag we provide each week and we will replace with fresh clean covers. Don’t ever worry about laundry or having enough clean covers! We provide you with enough clean diapers covers for the entire week!

This is a great deal! For example, if you are thinking about renting 18 newborn covers, then by selecting this Full Service option, you are getting the cover laundering for only $3 This is a savings of $6 and completely hassle free!

Number of rental diaper covers delivered weekly:
up to 18 Newborn, up to 16 Small, up to 12 Medium, and up to 9 Large.

Please contact us if you feel you need to change the number of diaper covers received with this Full Service option.

Approximate guidelines for weekly number of covers needed:
Newborn: about 3 per day = 18-24 covers per week
Small: about 2 per day = 12-18 covers per week
Medium: about 1.5 per day = 6-12 rental covers per week
Large: about 1 per day = 6-12 rental covers per week

NOTE: We can launder your covers as well. Just call us and we will customize a service for you.