Weekly Diaper Cover Rental

Based on Number of Covers per Week

You Rent & You Wash

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Diaper covers provide the waterproof exterior shell for your prefold or fitted diapers. These snap or Velcro around your baby similar to disposables.

Renting is more economical than purchasing covers when your baby is growing quickly. Typically, newborns grow out of the newborn size in less than 2 months.

We provide an array of styles so you can try-out various fits and see what you like best.
Approximate guidelines for weekly number of covers needed:

Newborn: about 3 per day = 18-24 covers per week
Small: about 2 per day = 12-18 covers per week
Medium: about 1.5 per day = 6-12 covers per week
Large: about 1 per day = 6-12 covers per week

For those interested in PURCHASING diaper covers, as opposed to renting, please visit our SHOP page and add the desired covers to your cart there.

This Rental does NOT include laundering service. Customers are responsible for washing the covers. If you are interested in a full service where the covers are laundered, please visit our Weekly Diaper Cover Full Service page.